From ancient times to the present day, weddings have been an integral part of almost every culture around the world. But where did this tradition come from? What was the very first wedding like? Let’s take a look back at the origins of this beloved custom.

The History Of Weddings

Believe it or not, weddings have been around for thousands of years. Ancient texts like the Bible and other historical documents provide us with evidence that marriages were celebrated in some form or another as far back as 4,000 BC. However, wedding ceremonies changed drastically over time. For example, in ancient Babylonian cultures, brides were expected to wear a veil and carry a bunch of barley during their wedding ceremony; barley being a symbol of wealth and fertility in those days.

In ancient Greece and Rome, weddings were often quite elaborate affairs that often lasted several days. Weddings would typically begin with a procession through town with musicians playing instruments and guests singing songs along the way. Festivities would continue throughout the night with plenty of food, music and dancing to mark the occasion! Brides wore white robes symbolizing purity while grooms often wore wreaths made of flowers on their heads – a tradition still seen today in many places around the world!

Wedding Traditions Around The World

Today, there are so many different wedding traditions found in cultures across the globe – from colorful Indian saris and henna ceremonies to Scottish kilts worn by groomsmen and Ethiopian coffee roasting ceremonies! Everywhere you go you can find something unique that makes each wedding special! Some countries even place great importance on superstitions such as throwing coins at newlyweds for good luck or breaking dishes for prosperity! No matter what type of customs you observe at your own wedding, it’s important to remember that they all stem from one very special event – the very first wedding!


Whether it’s 4,000 BC or 2020 AD, weddings have been celebrated throughout history as one of life’s most important milestones. While weddings have changed over time—from ancient Babylonian veils to modern-day kilts—the meaning behind them remains constant: two people joining together in love and commitment. On your special day remember that you are participating in an age-old tradition that started thousands of years ago with one very special couple—the world’s original bride and groom!