Located on the northwest coast of Western Australia, Exmouth is a paradise with idyllic landscapes perfect for your unforgettable wedding. The clear turquoise waters, white-sand beaches, and the famous Ningaloo Reef create a magnificent natural canvas for your special day. Exmouth, with its remote and untouched beauty, provides a tranquil setting that feels intimate and exclusive.

Why Choose Exmouth

Exmouth combines serene beauty with the adventure of the great outdoors, making it an ultimate wedding locale. Visualize exchanging your vows with the Coral Coast as your stunning panorama, creating an atmosphere of romance and wonder. Couples who love nature can bask in the backdrop of the Cape Range National Park or the marine wonders of Ningaloo Reef. Exmouth’s warm climate is welcoming, promising you a sunny celebration at almost any time of year.

The Magic of Celebrant John McCloy

To elevate your wedding in Exmouth into a deeply personal and memorable experience, you want a celebrant with a history of exceptional service. John McCloy is precisely that, bringing his dedicated approach to ensure your ceremony is as unique and special as your relationship.

A Personal Touch

With a passion for love stories, John McCloy dedicates himself to discovering what makes your bond unique. He commits to capturing the spirit of your partnership, curating a ceremony that feels authentically reflective of your personal narrative. His genuine and attentive demeanour guarantees a wedding that feels intimate, tailored, and true to you.

Expert Guidance

When it comes to the complexities of wedding legalities, John McCloy is your trusted ally. He provides thorough guidance through the legal nuances, guaranteeing your celebration is not only magical but also officially recognised.


A wedding is a celebration of a lifetime, and holding it in Exmouth, with the exceptional John McCloy as your celebrant, promises a union that’s as majestic as the scenery around you. Allow the captivating allure of Exmouth to be the starting point of your journey together, and John McCloy to craft a ceremony as extraordinary as your love.