naming ceremonies

What I Will Do…

A naming ceremony is a wonderful way to welcome a child. The service reflects your love and commitment to your newborn and helps you share this joyous occasion with your friends and family. It may reflect religious or cultural significance. A naming ceremony is not legally binding but can have special significance for all those in attendance.
This can be a very special day, packed with emotion, hope and love. It allows you to make your ‘solemn promises’ to your newborn and to seek the involvement of your friends and family in the future life of your child. Why not invite other special people to participate in your naming day and combine your vows with personal rituals?
Make it a ceremony that you will be proud to share with your child when they are adults.
I can help you organise it so that it is fun, interactive and meaningful.
A naming certificate will be presented to you during the service and a presentation copy of the ceremony for you to treasure and present to your child, perhaps on the day that they have their own naming day for their child sometime in the future.