renewal of vows

What I Will Do…

A renewal of vows ceremony is for couples wanting to share their love vows again and to celebrate their love and passion for each other. It allows you to share the excitement of your wedding so many years ago (or recently, there is no time limit on this!) with your family, your new and old friends, your children. You can involve them in it – what a great way to demonstrate the love you still hold for each other.
These ceremonies can be exactly what you want – light hearted but serious in their intent; serious after a time apart, serious enough to let everyone know that your love for each other is real and ongoing.
Let’s talk about it and choose some appropriate music to make it fun and some humorous or emotional poems or readings. You may like to “ham up” your vows a bit to create a laugh, one that means something to you both. Or repeat the serious vows you made at your wedding.
These are fun, meaningful and full of love and respect.
There is no wrong reason to have one –do it just because you want to!